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      My son actually goes home on the school bus which is

      within a stone’s throw of his school. So, going to

      pick him up from school vs picking him up at home is

      not any difference in the amount of miles between


      The only thing that I can do is make a special trip on

      the weekend when we are doing other things OR plan out

      a special shopping trip on Saturday.

      For instance, this past Saturday, I didn’t have enough

      time to go get the groceries that I needed during the

      week and I needed him to be with me to pick put the

      cereal that we purchased (it was on sale and I wanted

      to buy enough for 2 to 3 months).

      So, we made a special Saturday trip which costs me at

      least 2 gallons of gasoline at $3.67 a gallon. Means

      the trip itself was a little over $7.

      Each time I look at these trips now I look at the

      actual cost of the trip. I look at the mileage of the

      stops and add them together online and see if the

      sales ads are really going to be saving me

      significantly more than that if I make that trip.

      It means that I have to do comparison shopping as well

      as gasoline usage impact shopping to make sure that I

      don’t do more harm trying to make more specialized

      trips than making one to a store that has more regular


      This time the trip plan worked. I actually saved

      probably close to $120 on my groceries so my outlay of

      between $7 to 8 dollars in gas worked out okay.




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