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      I am in upstate NY and I just pd $3.71 per gallon yesterday. I am alotting

      $50.00 per week for gas and I do not care how much it goes up I am not adding to

      it. I combine all of my errands and i dont go anywhere that i dont have to at

      this point.

      they said the gas is going up again before the end of the week.

      i am thinking that i am going to purchase a swiper card for the bus for my

      teenage son so he can go where he wants to. it is $1.00 per bus ride. A heck of

      alot cheaper than driving anywhere.

      Wendy <> wrote:

      Gas here is $3.35/gal. I say we get about $10-15 in gas per

      week and our vehicle isn’t fuel-efficient!

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