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      Gas here is $3.35/gal. I say we get about $10-15 in gas per week and our vehicle isn’t fuel-efficient! We have really cut down on mindless errands.

      Each trip we have to make, we make it count, like planning our errands so that we’remaking a giant circle instead of being erratic and driving out of our way 4 billion times. It has helped!


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      From: loree kelley
      date: 4/25/2008 2:12:43 AM
      Subject: : Re: gas prices

      That was kinda a snotty comment about only using $10 a week in gas…*how many can say that*. We live in the boondocks and drive a diesel that we plan on turning over to bio-diesel. We have horses and you can’t drive a car when you haul horses…but you can ride your horses when there is no gas for city folk.
      loree in id

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