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      >I only use 10 bucks a week in gas so I am doing my part. How many

      >people can say thats all they use in gas a week?

      I don’t use that much unless I do extra running around. I put under

      $40 of gas in my car 2 weeks ago, and still have 3/4 of a

      tank. Then again, I am less than 5 miles from work, Krogers is on

      the way to/from work. WalMart is less than 5 miles from home, and

      Hobby Lobby is about 2 miles from there. Fred’s is 5 or 6 miles from

      me, but only 2 miles past the chiropractor I go to. Dollar Tree,

      General Dollar, and $1 Shop are all next to one of the stores

      mentioned. Family Dollar is 6 blocks from me, I walk if I’m going

      there and only there.

      Ann in Arkansas


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