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      Can a sprouted head of fresh garlic be planted and it actually grow and produce more garlic?

      I’m trying to figure out ways to use things I would’ve thrown out in the past. Plus, I REALLY want to learn how to grow more things I regularly use. meatballs smilie

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      You can potentially sprout new garlic from your head of garlic, however, be forewarned that store-bought garlic (unless organic) is sprayed with a rooting inhibitor that is designed to prevent it from sprouting. In fact, ALL of the vegetables that you buy at the store is sprayed with this chemical.

      Here is an interesting video about it:

      To grow your own garlic from cloves, just gently separate the cloves (bulbs) and bury them about an inch deep and 4 inches apart.

      Plant in the spring if planting outdoors (late feb, early march is perfect in the south!)

      As far as companion planting- don’t plant it near legumes, beans, pusles, peas or potatoes as they share common pests and it will draw more in!

      It does grow well beside lettuce (which will deter aphids) and Cabbage.

      Common Pests are Bulb mites, pea leafminer & wheat curl mite

      Common problems are Garlic Rot, White rot, Downy mildew and rust

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      Holy Cow! 😮
      You answered all the questions I was wondering about it. Thanks so much!!
      Probably gonna try this one tomorrow.

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      Now we know how to test the stuff we buy from the store. if it grows its safe to eat if it will not grow it’s not fit to eat! I will be forwarding this to as many people as possible.

      Thanks for sharing liss!!!!,

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      You’re certainly welcome gals! Glad I could be of some assistance. Mrs. Paws, if you decide to plant it, we’d love to see some photos in your albums!

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      If the weather in my little part of the world would ever cooperate, I’m gonna plant them.
      I’ll do my best as far as the photos are concerned.
      Thanks so much for the information!!


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      I planted my sprouted garlic cloves about a week ago…they’re already growing!!
      My cell camera’s blue tooth thing isn’t working, and my SD slot on the ‘puter is messed up…so as soon as I can get my Daughter to slow down long enough, I hope to get some pics then and I’ll try to put them together. 🙂

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      Thanks for this video.

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