Garlic and Bacon Brussel Sprouts

Holidays & Special Occasions Thanksgiving Garlic and Bacon Brussel Sprouts

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      1-2 lbs fresh brussel sprouts quartered
      3-4 cloves of minced garlic
      1-2 lbs bacon
      salt and pepper to taste

      Bring a pot of salty water to a boil and toss in your quartered brussel sprouts until they turn bright green, only about two minutes, then remove from the water and drain in a colander, rinse with cold water.

      While you are waiting for the water to boil, you can start cooking the bacon until crispy in a large frying pan. Set aside to cool. Pour most of the bacon grease out of the pan and throw it away, you only need enough in there to cook the garlic and lightly coat the brussel sprouts.

      Place your minced garlic into the pan you cooked the bacon in and saute that for about 3 minutes over medium heat. Once the garlic starts to soften add your brussel sprouts to the pan and stir often. While the brussel sprouts and garlic are cooking, crumble the bacon and add it back into the pan.

      Cook all of this together until the brussel sprouts are heated all the way through. Some of the sprouts may get browned and a little crispy, but those are the most tasty ones. Once they are heated up, place it into a serving dish and dig in.

      This recipe also works great with fresh green beans, just replace the sprouts with beans.


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Holidays & Special Occasions Thanksgiving Garlic and Bacon Brussel Sprouts