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      It is now officially gardening season for the year 2010!

      I have started my new crop of “Houseplants” in seed flats and pots to test for germination and because I couldn’t wait any longer. My family seems to think my houseplants are strange–I do not know why, they seem normal to me–Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Green Beans, Soybeans, Squash and Pumpkin to name a few.

      I know it will be months before we can get out in the garden, but it is time to start getting everything ready. Get seed and plant pots/flats or make your own from milk jugs, soda bottles, plastic bowls, etc. Check your seed viability, order seeds, get potting soil and/or seed starting medium, fertilizers, insecticides and herbicides or the materials to make your own.

      We have a garden plan drawn up, but when we go to plant most times the plan goes out the window. But it is something we do before ordering any more plants or seeds. We are planning on getting a few more varieties of soybeans, shell beans, melons, squash and possibly tomato seeds.

      What are you all planning for your garden of 2010?

      Happy Gardening! Thanks; Virginia

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      Don’t know yet but it was inspiring to read your post. It’s a little early here to start seeds, northeast us, but i will probably do so next month. probably, tomatoes, potatoes, egglplant indoor and then beans/cucumbers/zucchini outdoors. it’s time have a battle with the local woodchuck again, lol!

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      Mine plants aren’t as exciting as yours, but we’ve repotted our lemon tree from last year, and, hopefully, we’ll get some lemons on it this year. I bought another lemon tree which already had 2 lemons growing, and I’ve repotted that. I’ve only starting sowing spinach seeds a few days ago.

      This is my very first attempt at sowing seeds. We have plans for spinach in the top of 16″ hanging baskets and strawberries (18 plants can fit around the sides when you put holes through the coco liner, I’ve heard) on the sides (18 plants can fit around the sides when you put holes through the coco liner, I’ve heard). So I’ll probably do about 3 or 4 baskets of those.

      We’d also like to do tomatoes (in a hanging basket, just trying to decide on the best compromise for tomatoes for sauce, but in a container vs. the ground), green peppers, carrots, and blueberries.

      I’d love to do potatoes, sweet potatoes, and onions, and small watermelon but not sure how to make those work.

      When I say “we” I’m referring to myself (single mom) and my 4 and 6 year old daughters – and we’re all afraid of creepy crawlies! And all of our plants will be in containers, seeing as we live in a 2nd floor condo.

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      I’m itching to start my “house” plants too! DH ships back out Monday morning so will wait until next week to get started! He thinks I’m crazy to start so early too!

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      My test germination “houseplants” are off to a good start. There were a few varieties that didn’t germinate the 90% that I would like (since I keep them growing to plant out when the time comes) so, I planted another flat of them. Some of my “houseplants” will be planted outside in the regular gardens, others will be planted in raised beds, and still others will be planted in containers.

      Depending on the type of plants some will be isolated so that the seed saved remains pure. We direct seed most of the gardens. By using several methods we hope to insure a crop.

      We have done this for several years and we have always had at least enough from each crop for some fresh eating and for seed saving.

      You can grow most anything in containers if you have the space for the containers and the containers are big enough for the plant you wish to grow. We have grown potatoes in garbage cans. We use earth boxes to plant all kinds of vegetable plants (tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, green onions, salad greens, beans) and fruit (strawberries).

      We even grew watermelons and cantaloupe in them one year. They work great for us.

      Happy gardening! Thanks; Virginia

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      Well I got a flat of Broccoli started today and then a half flat of Mesclun mix. Nice to be pushing little seeds in watching all this snow that isn’t suppose to be here today coming down. I feel like a walk today, maybe I can go out and walk my garden in the snow.

      Haven’t been out there in a couple of months.

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      We have lots of flats filled with little plants just itching to get outside. Have to put most of them into bigger pots as they still have quite awhile yet before it is safe for them to be out. Have planted turnips, radishes, carrots, lettuce, and other cool weather crops.

      Got the potatoes planted Friday. Planted more strawberry plants on Friday as well. Have green onions ready to eat — a sure sign of spring.

      Makes great green onion and egg omelets. Magnolia tree has tight little pink buds just beginning to open. Pussy willows are in full show (some people don’t like them, but I think they are pretty).

      Grass is growing and will need to be mowed before we know it. Happy Gardening Everyone! Thanks; Virginia

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      Raining all of this weekend, so unable to get out in the gardens or yard. Grass needs mowed, dandelions are everywhere. Had some nice greens and flower srooms (dandelion flowers cooked as you would mushrooms).

      Been enjoying the Asparagus harvest for the last week or so. Strawberry plants are white with flowers. Lilacs are in bloom and smell so sweet.

      Tulips are bright and putting on a nice show. The Magnolia tree next to our house was full of flowers, the wind has blown them all down now–but it was a beautiful sight when in bloom. Happy Gardening Everyone!

      Thanks; Virginia

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      We are in a rebuilding mode for the garden this year. We had done our raised beds with one level of cinder block when we knew we really needed tow but thought we could get by but last year was so wet everything drowned for the most part. We have one bed finished and planted beets and will get our broccoli and lettuce plants out tomorrow if the rain will stop long enough!

      Plan to get two more beds done and only use those for this summer. The rest of the summer we’ll redo all the other beds and refill them. Already had 3 dump truck loads of compost delivered and waiting for two trucks worth of cinder blocks and peat moss.

      Hoping we have enough rice hulls but if not will have to go to central Arkansas to get another load of those. We had problems also with our baby chicken wire being on top on the black fabric mulch so the reason we are completely rebuilding to get the wire under the mulch fabric. We bought it in bulk 20′ wide and 100′ long rolls so will have to cut it where the block is sitting and put the wire under and then the fabric on top and replace the cinder block.

      So we won’t grow very much this year but should have plenty for fresh eating. Also working on the orchard this year and next. Finally figured out why we’d have trees get to the 3 and 4 year level and suddenly die out so can treat them now to get passed the crisis.

      Planted 10 new trees this spring and will do 22 this Fall and another 30 next spring. Hope to have everything up and running next year. We’ll be gone a good portion of this summer/early Fall so it was a good year to not grow much.

      Had a lovely walk along the raging creek this afternoon/ Lots of water falls with all the water draining down toward the creek. So far it has spilled out and take out our corn fields yet. Corn has just started growing real good and would hate to lose out 14 acre field down on the creek bottom.


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      We’ve planted our leaks and onion sets. This week we will put out cucumbers two types of tomatoes and three varieties of peppers. We had a freeze advisory last night so I am thinking about nursing them another week in the house.

      Otherwise the lilacs are in bloom and the hosta in the shade garden are coming in nicely.

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      Well just a tiny corner of our corn field got taken in the flood. Set out some lettuce plants and broccoli I had grown last night.

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      hello friends,
      even i have started planting in my garden and i have planted some flowers and vegetables … an also i am planning to plants some fruits too …:arizona:
      but earlier i don’t got the results i expected ,,,
      then i came to know that fertilizer is also very important part of you plants’ production…
      so i used this amazing organic natural fertilizer. which made my plants grow faster and with more productivity…

      now i have a very beautiful garden full of flowers and vegetables … and fruits will be there soon…

      Happy Gardening to you all…..

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      So lcove…. i guess by now you must have growen lots of tomatoes, potatoes, egglplants and all. So are your plants giving enough productivity to meet your expectations?

      Telling about me… my garden is good these days and have lot of vegetables and flowers, which looks great. Its really feels good when you have done efforts and its fruitfull.

      Anyways HappY Gardening To all……….

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      I only put in a tiny garden this year while we revamp all our beds. Harvested lettuce lat night for grilled chicken salads and cutting all the broccoli to today to leave a pot of cheesy broccoli soup in the crock pot so my girl’s have something to eat when they get home from work tonight. Not a lot out there but it will give us little bits throughout the summer to enjoy.

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      Overall our garden looks young compared to some of yours but is doing well. We have buds on almost every plant from tomatoes to various peppers, cucumbers and zuchinni. The leeks that were held over from last year are getting some size and taste wonderful.

      The new leeks and onions sets are well on their way and probably can begin being used this week. Going to try something different this year… We are going to reseed the onions and garlic so we can have an early and late crop this year.

      I never seem to have enough to end the year. Happy gardening!

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