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      if you are tight on space plant italian tomatoes – romas or what ever more
      tomato less gook .. cuts down on processing time if you can too

      use 3×5 boxes not 4×4 – it’ll save you back – reaching across 3 feet is
      easier .. I used my 3×5 for squash etc .. I have gone down to 18 inch wide as
      gotten older – my arthritis and back hurt to much for the wider boxes now ..

      make some 2×10 boxes these are wonderful for tomatoes – I run 3 rows of
      tomatoes in them 11 down the center and 10 on the sides – total 31 plants ..
      end up shading out the weeds

      PT has warnings out for use with foods/gardens ..

      garden boxes in windows through the winter for greens

      plant mini tomatoes in hanging baskets

      make an A or H frame for cukes the cukes will hang down through the 2 x 2
      holes of fencing

      plant peas on high wire fence, pick peas that have edible pods they freeze

      5 GALLON drywall mud containers work well for container gardening — toss in
      a few healthy inches of packing peanuts, then I do a layer of tea bags, then
      dirt .. you can plant one tomato or green pepper and plant around it 2-3 cukes
      (if you also have floor space) or carrots, onions, greens, flowers, herbs ..


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