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      Hi Lynne!

      I just discovered square-foot gardening
      and am really anxious to try it. Glad to hear it’s as easy as it looks
      cause I’m a newbie to gardening. What did you use to make the box?

      or something else? If wood, what size…2×6?

      Next question…did you get plants and
      start them inside, or seeds, and how early in the season did you start them?

      Sorry, have lotsa questions. Any help
      would really be appreciated!


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      Sent: Wednesday, March 19, 2008
      11:17 PM


      Subject: : gardening

      I started square-foot gardening last year and have
      been amazed at how

      easy and fun it has been. I grew different types of lettuce and would

      clip leaves each day for a mixed green salad, added cherry tomatoes

      also from the 4×4 area and had tons of other vegies like carrots,

      chard, beets, big tomatoes and other stuff. Plus I grew cilantro(love

      it!!), parsley and basil(for pesto. I have NEVER gardened before and

      was surprised at how much fun it is!Plus I did not even dig up the

      grass first. I just laid down newspaper and it works as a natural

      blocker! This year I plan to build a second frame for flowers! Frugal

      and fun! Plus its great for my diet!

      Lynne Gardner


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