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      We are gardeners from way back–4 kids and very little money–heres a few tips we use—seeds–pinti beans–the kind you cook make great green beans -pole beans–use them right from the bag–very heavy produceing–what you dont use green can dry on the pole and use that way—red beans from your bag make great bush beans very heavy also–eat green dry on vine—our bell peppers come from what we buy in the winter at the store we dry seed and plant–tomatoes we take the first tomatoes and dry seed for next year–same with all the others–kale and collards will go to seed also just dry—-no need to buy seed ever–use what grows best in your garden year after year
      We are in south central Texas and because of good old plastic bags from the store we are eating our first green beans and collards tonight—

      Lynne wrote:

      solid;”> I started square-foot gardening last year and have been amazed at how
      easy and fun it has been. I grew different types of lettuce and would
      clip leaves each day for a mixed green salad, added cherry tomatoes
      also from the 4×4 area and had tons of other vegies like carrots,
      chard, beets, big tomatoes and other stuff. Plus I grew cilantro(love
      it!!), parsley and basil(for pesto.

      I have NEVER gardened before and
      was surprised at how much fun it is!Plus I did not even dig up the
      grass first. I just laid down newspaper and it works as a natural
      blocker! This year I plan to build a second frame for flowers! Frugal
      and fun!

      its great for my diet!

      Lynne Gardner

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