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      Congratulations on all your gardening efforts. It

      will save you a bundle.

      People are talking now about a recession. Our way of

      dealing with financial difficulties is to have a

      garden. We are still harvesting broccoli and green

      onions from the fall garden. We are about to harvest

      cabbage. We have been picking spinach and swiss chard

      for a couple of weeks. Next week we will have yellow


      We love fresh vegetables and we love to share the

      bounty. We trade off with friends who also garden

      which gives us a bigger variety of vegetables.

      We are in South Texas and the weather allows us to

      plant early. A friend of ours daughter works at a

      feed store. They do germination tests on their seeds.

      Her dad called and said they had a bunch of plants if

      we would like them for an early start on our garden.

      Free plants are even better!

      We have been planting lots of citrus trees as well as

      peaches, plums, apples, and pears. We plan to add

      rabbits, quail, and chickens in the near future.

      Good luck in all your efforts.




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