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      I used 2×12 inch wood from Home Depot. I had both of them cut in half giving me 4 4ft long boards. I drilled them together at

      I live in the Phoenix area so sun is always a concern. My house is has a east/west exposure so I put the frame in an area of my backyard that gets lots of sun in the morning and is alittle shady in the late afternoon. I laid down lots of newspaper and poured in 3 bags of Miracle grow.

      I then divided it into 16 zones and planted different stuff in each zone. Since I love swiss chard I used 2 zones for that. The great part of this type of gardening is that when a tiny weed grows you just pull it and you can reach all areas easily.

      I used seeds because I wanted to go as thrifty as possible. Good luck! It really is a great way to stretch your grocery dollars!
      Lynne Gardner

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      Date: Fri, 21 Mar 2008 05:10:56 -0500
      Subject: Re: : gardening

      What did you use to build the square foot gardens?

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