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      If the medication you need is not on the list, take the list in to

      your doctor’s office, and ask the nurse to check if any of the

      medications on the list would work as a substitute. As many have

      said, the only drugs for $4 are on the list. And it has to be the

      exact perscription as the item on the list.

      By dropping the list and having the nurse check, you won’t have a

      doctor’s fee applied when you least need it.

      And yes, as some have also pointed out, the pharmacist may try to

      substitute it for a non-list item, or type (like syrup instead of

      tablets, or non-generic for generic, etc) to get more money. I don’t

      know that this is something they do on purpose, but I’ve heard from

      a lot of people who have had that problem at Walmarts all over the


      As an aside, if you DO incur any medical costs while you are

      uninsured, and do get Medicaid while you are pregnant, they can

      retroactivly pay for some things, either by reimbursing you (which I

      believe is harder to do), or by paying the bill outright.

      — In, jessica pilkerton




      > I’ve got a question. I just got laid off today from

      > my job and my health insurance is cut off today. I’m

      > waiting for the Cobra paperwork. In the mean time my

      > daughter needs a prescription that costs about 157.00.

      > I know that Walmart offers the $4.00 prescriptions can

      > I use it even though I don’t have insurance right now.

      > I went to social services and applied for Medical

      > assistance for her and myself as I am pregnant, but

      > they said it can take 10-14 days to get approved.


      > Jessica






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