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      >>I know that Walmart offers the $4.00 prescriptions canI use it even though I don’t have insurance right now.<<

      Walmarts $4. prescriptions are for people who don’t have insurance, not for people who do. hopefully your prescription is for 1 of the items that is covered for $4.

      Not all prescriptions are covered under that plan.

      Here’s the link to walmarts $4 Prescriptions so you can check to see if that particular one is covered:

    • you are eligible for this program whether or not you have any prescription-drug coverage through your company, under medicare or any other plan.
    • we have recently added 24 new $4 prescriptions.
    • Our new Women’s Health category features several $9 prescriptions – a significant savings over typical prices.**
    • Over the last year since the introduction of this program, 16 states have seen customer savings of $15 million or more.

    • A Note- make sure you know exactly what the prescription is for- an example, a couple weeks ago I had to take ds to the er – he played next door and got a severe case of poison ivy- then played baseball, got hit in the eye, rubbed his eye and managed to spread the poison ivy all over his face and in his eyes- which swelled shut within hours.

      the doc gave him a prescription for tablets- they (the walmart pharmacy) decided to fill it in liquid form- which was not covered by the $4 plan- so instead of $4 they were going to charge me $165.

      I made them call the doc at the ER to confirm it was supposed to be tablets rather than Liquid- and then the prescription dropped to $4.

      So watch the writing on the prescription- although the medicine may be available in different forms- liquid, tablets, capsules, ointments, creams, etc- not all forms of each drug is covered.



      I just had a flyer here theother day for a company -Meihers & Publix,that offers all antibiotic prescriptions forFREE at their store.

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