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      When my dh was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, the dr. prescribed

      Prilosec. I believe that is the same as Nexium, but I could be wrong.

      Now he is taking Omeprazole, which is the generic version, and way

      cheaper. ask your dr. about it.

      karin lm

      ps. the dr. was proven wrong, the diagnosis (basically a death

      sentence) was in error and they now decided he has sarcoidosis of the

      pancreas. so instead of cancer drugs, he takes prednisone – wish

      they’d get a generic version of that!!

      — in, wrote:


      > thats a great idea. My husband needs a double dose of Nexium each day

      and our insurance charges double the co-pay which comes to $70 a month

      that along with other prescriptions, we just have a hard time


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