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      Beg to differ if you like, but Heather is right. Perhaps YOU

      initiated the end of employment in your experiences. That might be

      different. But if a company lets an employee go — either

      permanently or even a temporary lay-off — many companies terminate

      all benefits on that day. Many employers pay half the premium, and

      many also pay for the medical benefits (self-insured). If an

      employee is terminated on the 5th of the month, for example, there is

      no way the employer is going to leave that employee’s benefits in

      force for another 25 or 26 days and have to pay out the benefits for

      a terminated employee…….. It’s just business.

      — In, Lori wrote:


      > I beg to differ, that has never been my experience with any job I

      left. Health insurance was always active until the end of the

      month. I always tried to arrange my last day to take advantage of

      that. Premiums have been paid, the hassle involved in getting back a

      pro >


      herberkids3 wrote:

      > With most companies, the benefits end the day your job

      ends, because

      > it’s the last day you “pay” into the benefits.


      > — In, Lou Ann Newell

      > wrote:

      > >

      > > Jessica,

      > > Your insurance should not be cut off on the day you left the

      > company. You should have until the end of the month at least if not

      > 30 days from termination. Please call your insurance

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