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      thats a great idea. My husband needs a double dose of Nexium each day and our

      insurance charges double the co-pay which comes to $70 a month that along with

      other prescriptions, we just have a hard time affording. Our doctor is great

      about giving us bags full of samples when we call his office. Also, whenever

      possible, if he prescribes an med while we are in for a visit, he’ll look to see

      if he has samples on hand. Our co-pay for generics is only $5, but it goes way

      up from there for name brands.

      I think any doctor would understand the situation here and help if s/he has the

      samples at their office. Of course, they don’t have samples of every med, but it

      is certainly worth a call. Its also possible a less expensive but equally

      effective alternative might be available.




      Date: 2007/12/15 Sat AM 09:50:55 CST


      Subject: Re: : Walmart $4.00 Generic Prescription plans

      I’d suggest calling your doctor and see if he can give you samples until social

      services help starts.

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