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      Yes….congratulations on the impending bundle of joy. When are you due?

      Liss wrote: — In, “Liss” wrote:
      > >>I know that Walmart offers the $4.00 prescriptions canI use it
      even though
      > I don’t have insurance right now.<<
      > Walmarts $4. prescriptions are for people who don’t have insurance,
      not for people who do.<< whoops, that didn’t come out right,
      walmarts $4 prescriptions are
      for BOTH people who do and people who Don’t have insurance. Hmm..

      said that at the bottom of the post, not quite sure what I was
      thinking at the top.

      Anyway, to be clear, as long as your prescription is listed in that
      link I sent you- you should be able to get it for $4.

      Oh, since I am correcting myself & fixing things I left out,

      Congrats on your Pregnancy!


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