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      Most insurance premiums are paid on a monthly basis. You may be covered until the end of the month. I would confirm that just to be sure.

      Also if you do end up having to pay the full price, Cobra is retroactive from the date your employer paid insurance expires so you can at least make a claim for the prescription. Lori.

      jessica pilkerton wrote:
      I’ve got a question. I just got laid off today from
      my job and my health insurance is cut off today.
      waiting for the Cobra paperwork. In the mean time my
      daughter needs a prescription that costs about 157.00.
      I know that Walmart offers the $4.00 prescriptions can
      I use it even though I don’t have insurance right now.
      I went to social services and applied for Medical
      assistance for her and myself as I am pregnant, but
      they said it can take 10-14 days to get approved.


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