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      9.0pt;font-family:Georgia;”>I’m afraid a lot of
      pharmacies will try to do this. I
      had a medication at 1 CVS cost me $4 then took the exact prescription to
      another CVS and they wanted to charge me $29. I was in the drive through feeling guilty
      about taking so long and ALMOST paid it and thgouth I’d
      go in and discuss the matter but I’d heard that once you paid for a
      medication and accepted it you were pretty much stuck with it.

      So after a bit of haggling and nicely
      wondering Why one CVS would chard $4 and they’d
      charge almost $30 the pharmacist came around and noticed and “error”
      and quicky adjusted the price.

      I have no idea what they were trying to
      do but it sure seemed fishy.

      9.0pt;”>Re: Walmart
      $4.00 Generic Prescription plans

      9.0pt;”>Posted by: “herberkids3”

      7.0pt;”>Sat Dec15,20077.0pt;”> 7.0pt;”>7:46am7.0pt;”> (PST)
      Georgia;”>If the medication you need is not on the
      list, take the list in to

      your doctor’s office, and ask the nurse to check if any of the

      medications on the list would work as a substitute. As many have

      said, the only drugs for $4 are on the list. And it has to be the

      exact perscription as the item on the list.

      By dropping the list and having the nurse check, you won’t have a

      doctor’s fee applied when you least need it.

      And yes, as some have also pointed out, the pharmacist may try to

      substitute it for a non-list item, or type (like syrup instead of

      tablets, or non-generic for generic, etc) to get more money. I don’t

      know that this is something they do on purpose, but I’ve heard from

      a lot of people who have had that problem at Walmarts
      all over the


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