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      This is my info, and also sending 2 more links for you to check out. Hope this
      will help. I use this for colds, and also also the zinc, and vit.

      C to keep my
      immunity system up and running to keep the bugs away. Hope this info will help.
      We also don’t have medical for almost 2 years now, and the natural way is the
      best way.

      . This is what we have been doing for colds and etc. the last few years, and
      it works.

      No questions ask, if you do at least a few of the ideas you will be
      feeling better real soon, this is a promise! Increase your vit. C this is a
      must up to or over 1,000 mg.

      per day I usually take 2 in the AM, 2 in the
      afternoon and 2 in the evening until your starting to feel better, next take
      zinc ( a must) as per dosage given on the bottle, do you take a multi vit. this
      you need since we never can eat enough to bal. out our diets.

      And the most
      important is take Echinacea or like I do the Echinacea and Goldenseal work
      better, you can take more than mentioned and take for 2 weeks usually up to over
      2,000 per day after the 2 weeks you will be improved and don’t take again unless
      needed for a week. Hope this will help. This is good for the flue season, or
      any time of the year.

      Last year during flue season dh and myself took the extra
      C and Zinc before we got sick and the flue was going around, we only had a very
      mild case and the Echinacea cleared that up in a few days. Also with chest
      congestion, make sure that yo take a good decongestant, store brand is fine and
      usually a few dollars cheaper than a brand name. Hope our feeling better real

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