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      My parents lived in one area for over 30 years. They prepaid all their funranl expenses. The do to poor health had to move in the same state about 2 hr north of were they live to be closer to other family member.

      I did contact the furnal people and they said we could do 2 things. They would refund the monies that had been paid, about 15 years before. (Just a note since then the prices have gone up for same services almost 400 %), or when the time came they could call and someone would come and get their body and bring back to their place. Their would be a mileage charge of $1.79 a mile to do that. That was not pre paid.

      When my mother died that is what happen, they came and got here body from the nursing home. It took them almost 12 hours to come to get her. Always a difference reason why they hadn’t come. I was calling every 2 hrs to see were they were at. I stayed with my mom body until they came.

      They person that did come was very, very nice-but I couldn’t say the same for the company itself. I was told the person that came to get her body was not the same as the owner of the company.

      So if you pre paid for funeral etc services and move to another area it is best to make sure what the policy of that place are, and how much is will cost and have it pre paid also, if you don’t want to have to have other family member left with this expense also.

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