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      I am playing with the idea of going from full time work to part

      time. I read the posts here quite often and have picked up some

      excellent money saving ideas. I know that this type of transition

      will require quite a budget cut, but I want to make sure I cover all

      my basis BEFORE I make a decision. I am a single Mom w/ 2 girls (12

      & 7). I would probably be working during their school hours, which

      will eliminate daycare expenses. I have medical through my employer

      but I do qualify through the state (I would pay a portion of it). I

      would love to have more time to spend with my girls. As well as not

      being so tired after working a full day and then trying to accomplish

      homework, showers, dinner, and MAYBE squeeze in some kid time, never

      mind cleaning and laundry.

      What things might I be overlooking? What should I consider? It’s a

      big step that could turn into a big mistake if not handled right.

      Thanks for any advice.


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