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      — In Budget101_@yahoogroups.com, Jessica Hess wrote:


      > One thing that you should try to do is save up some money to fall

      back on if you need to.”

      I know this can be difficult but I have found it to be very necessary

      to have some extra money at times and it did reduce some of the

      anxiety and stress.

      One of the simplest ways to start saving (and how I started) is at

      the end of each day, take all the coins out of your purse and place

      them in a container. When the container is getting full, get coin

      wrappers free from your bank (I refuse to pay for these at a store

      when I am doing the bank a convenience), roll the coins and deposit

      them in a savings account.

      The key to this is to be diligent to do this every day and never to

      dip into the container for money. Don’t even count how much you are

      adding daily, just pull out the coins and drop them in the


      I live in Canada so the savings add up quickly with the one and two

      dollar coins we have here. I started this in 2003 and have found

      that I save about $100 month this way. That’s $1200 per year. And

      yes, there have been times I needed to take the money out of the bank

      and use it for emergencies. I’m just glad that my diligence each

      day meant it was there when I needed it.

      Hope this helps.


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