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      Hi all,

      I made a batch of foolproof fudge today. Usually I don’t need those kinds of recipies. Anyway, It didn’t set right.

      Does anyone ave any ideas on how to salvage my batch of fudge goo? It tastes great but the texture is all wrong. i’d love to turn it into something else yummie.

      Nicole in Ca

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      Maybe you could unroll some crescent rolls, place a dollop of “fudge goo” in each crescent, roll up each crescent & back as usual. Then you could drizzle with some more “fudge goo” on top or sprinkle some powdered sugar on top? 🙂

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      That sounds pretty good to me!


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      Oh yes Fudge on a crescent rolls or in a crescent roll, thats the bomb. Yum. Get idea rtebalt.

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      Janice Terrell

      Why not heat it, spoon over vanilla ice cream and top with chopped nuts. Hot fudge sundaes are good even in cold weather.

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      Another great idea! 🙂

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      Maybe you could frost a cake with it too! If it’s real runny just add a little powdered sugar to get it right! If I have a boo boo to deal with I’d love for it to be chocolate to play with!

      If all else fails get me a spoon and eat it anyway! LOL!

Viewing 6 reply threads
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