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      I can completely understand your frustration, but before I can help,

      could you please offer a little additional info:

      1. What areas of business is your hubby not so good at?

      a. finding the work?

      b. accounting/book-keeping?

      c. He finds the work, but then doesn’t work enough hours?

      d. the contract aspect of the work?

      The reason I ask is that MY dh does the same line of work and I am

      VERY familiar with this business, dealing with vendors, lumber

      companies, customers, insurances, etc.

      Another thing you mentioned…. you’ve had to take out loans for

      this. May I ask Why?? Did he need tools??

      I’ll offer as much help as I can, I actually started

      when dh quit his job as a mechanic and went to work for himself in

      Construction/Carpentry. I know exactly what you are going through and

      If I can help you through it and get to a better place…



      Listmom & Creator of

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