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      Thanks for the suggestions. I do most of our bills online so I don’t

      have to pay for

      stamps, etc as the bank does online banking for free. But do you

      think it would work

      to do the envelope system for things like groceries and gas for the

      vehicles. I really don’t

      buy anything else(other than the little easter trinkets I just bought

      the kids). I don’t have

      enough to buy clothes for the kids so they just wear what they have.

      Or does the envelope

      system work best when everything is in the envelopes? We do have

      Quicken, I just haven’t updated

      it recently because I get so anxious when there isn’t enough money to

      pay all the bills.

      It sounds stupid, but true.


      On Apr 10, 2007, at 8:17 AM, Karen wrote:

      > Jennifer


      > I feel for you. I can only speculate what I would do if I were in your

      > situation.


      > Please keep in mind as you read this, that this just my opinion and

      > I don’t

      > want to cause any arguments here.


      > If making enough money is the biggest problem – I would tackle that

      > first.

      > Make a simple list of money coming in and money going out. Ask him

      > for any

      > ideas he has for getting these to match. Tell him you already work

      > X amount

      > of hours as well as care for the kids and house, so you working

      > more is not

      > an option. See what he comes up with. Maybe he can work in his

      > business,

      > but take on a part time job somewhere else. The SBA should be able

      > to offer

      > him advice as I’m sure the internet is a great source of

      > information also.

      > I downloaded a free program called Microsoft Office Accounting

      > Express 2007.

      > It is wonderful. I use it for our family budget as well as for the

      > crafts I

      > do on the side as an extra source of income. That might help with the

      > business aspect of it.


      > We recently went to an envelope system for paying our bills. When

      > the money

      > is gone, it’s gone. I might try this, and when you start getting

      > calls I

      > would make him talk to them. Maybe he’ll get the idea without you

      > actually

      > nagging him. We’ve learned to take care of the four walls first –

      > food,

      > house, utilities, transportation. Then everything else. Doing them

      > in the

      > order listed will make for much less stress in your home.


      > As far as the house being cleaned goes. I wouldn’t kill myself to

      > do it.

      > If you continue to do everything he’ll most likely let you. If he

      > sees you

      > can’t do it all – maybe he’ll step up to the plate and help you out.


      > If all else fails I would seek counseling, even if he refused to go

      > with me

      > I would still go by myself.


      > Sorry I got so long winded. Again, keep in mind that this is only my

      > opinion and I’ve not walked in your shoes. I have a very supportive

      > husband

      > who works 2 jobs so that I can stay home and take care of our 3

      > boys, the

      > house, and our finances. He also helps out in the house anytime he

      > sees

      > things that need done. He’ll even offer to wash the dishes or

      > whatever even

      > after working.


      > Hugs!

      > Karen

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