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      Hi Everyone. I live in Chicago and am on Food Stamps.

      I get Food Stamps, every month on the 14th. Yesterday

      I checked and they were on my card. When I went to the

      store, I got what I needed and went to the Check Out.

      That was when I discovered that the machine wouldn’t

      take my card. It turns out the System was down. Later

      after I had been home, for a while, I called both Jewell

      and Dominick’s and it was still down.

      Now I don’t know if this has anything to do with the State

      not having a Budget yet, but this upet me to no end. I am

      frustrated, because if the Grocery Store knew that the System

      was down, then they should have had signs up on all Doors.

      I am sure that there were probably other people, upset as well.

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