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      Amy, you didn’t step on any toes, it really is what I think he should
      > do, butafter years of saying it and wanting to believe it will get better, I’m tired.<<

      Jen, if you are to the point that the stress of His career/job choice then it’s time for him to start putting you first.

      >>He also keeps saying that our liveswill drastically change if he has to go to work for someone else as Iwork at 6am 3 days aweek so he gets the girls to school.<<<

      I’m thinking a neighbor or close friend might be willing to do this for you without charging you much at all.

      Maybe you could do some sort of child swap- you help out for a couple days, they help out for a couple days.

      >> We might have to hire someone, or ask a friend totake the kids to school if he works for someone else and he won’t have as much familytime, but I think he will have more if he doesn’t have all thebusiness stuff to do.<<<

      There is no doubt about it, having a business means LONG hours and lots of upaid hours.

      It sounds like you both need to sit and figure out exactly what you need for an income to live comfortably, that is to say, without the phone ringing from overdue bills, without worrying when the kids come home from school and need another $20 worth of Project supplies you didn’t account for.

      Perhaps you could talk and Give him a deadline- if he cant start generating a certain amount of income by a certain date then he has to agree to work for someone else and bring in a steady reliable income.


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