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      Yes wic is dependent on income, but it is not the same as other programs.

      i used to help people fill out wic application
      information. it goes by your family size and every few (3-6) months
      they need to continue to make sure you qualify, so they ask you to bring in immunization
      records to make sure the little one/s are up to date, bring in check stubs, and
      piece of mail to verify mail, and utility bill (cant remember off hand if that
      one also relates to proof of address,right now)

      wic income standards are different from
      free lunch qualifications and social services. medi-cal (may be named different
      outside of ca) standards are also different, depending if you are applying for
      health insurance for the entire family vs a healthy families program, where it
      covers children only, where you play a small amount for health and dental
      coverage. you can ask for the income qualifications for either, and you can
      compare it.


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      your child or pay the electric bill?????

      WIC doesn’t go by your income to qualify. I would make
      another appointment. Do you qualify for food stamps?

      My husband was in an
      accident last year & was off work for several months, we didn’t qualify for
      any programs offered by the hospital, made too much $$$. Or so they said. Hard
      to make the house payment when you don’t work.

      If your child has outgrown clothing, try to sale them
      at an online auction site such as,,,, none of them charge a listing fee but

      Clip coupons & contact all the churches in your
      area, if they can’t help you ask them where to go for help.

      You don’t say what state you live in, but they are
      different in the programs that you may qualify for.

      Good luck.


      When you are in a situation when everybody (creditor,
      utility company, etc.) wants $$$$, you have a child to feed & care for, and
      then your husband gets laid off, even for a little while (a few months), what
      do you do? Our gross income together or separately puts us above the
      poverty line, but we certainly are not “rolling in the money”.
      When we went and asked for help, we are told “your gross income is too
      high” and turned down flat.

      The utility company put us on level billing,but
      did not truly lower the billed amount.

      I put the care of my child above the creditors and
      collection agencies. Of course, they disagree. But then again, none
      of them gives a hoot about my child’s well-being.

      I do not qualify for WIC. Mainly because (I
      feel) that I have a husband who works full-time, when the company hasn’t laid
      him off. Nobody will tell me anything more than the fact that our gross
      incomeis too high.

      I feel like our family is being penalized yet
      again because we both work full-time. If I were to quit and we moved into
      the car, we would get help right away. “That poor child.”
      Since we struggle through and manage most of the time, it’s like the
      “system” says, “Oh well.”

      Hints? Tips? Ideas?



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