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      WIC doesn’t go by your income to qualify. I would make another appointment. Do you qualify for food stamps? My husband was in an accident last year & was off work for several months, we didn’t qualify for any programs offered by the hospital, made too much $$$. Or so they said. Hard to make the house payment when you don’t work. If your child has outgrown clothing, try to sale them at an online auction site such as,,,, none of them charge a listing fee but Ebaydoes. Clip coupons & contact all the churches in your area, if they can’t help you ask them where to go for help. You don’t say what state you live in, but they are different in the programs that you may qualify for. Good luck.

      Herlean wrote: When you are in a situation when everybody (creditor, utility company, etc.) wants $$$$, you have a child to feed & care for, and then your husband gets laid off, even for a little while (a few months), what do you do? Our gross income together or separately puts us above the poverty line, but we certainly are not “rolling in the money”. When we went and asked for help, we are told “your gross income is too high” and turned down flat. The utility company put us on level billing,but did not truly lower the
      billed amount. I put the care of my child above the creditors and collection agencies. Of course, they disagree. But then again, none of them gives a hoot about my child’s well-being. I do not qualify for WIC. Mainly because (I feel) that I have a husband who works full-time, when the company hasn’t laid him off. Nobody will tell me anything more than the fact that our gross incomeis too high. I feel like our family is being penalized yet again because we both work full-time. If I were to quit and we moved into the car, we would get help right away. “That poor child.” Since we struggle through and manage most of the time, it’s like the “system” says, “Oh well.” Hints? Tips? Ideas? Thanks! Herlean

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