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      Hi there. Just my 2 cents worth here. Sounds like your in the same

      boat I was in a few months ago after my husband had heart surgery. His

      income went down to 50 percent with his diability insurance but he

      didn’t realize it was even further down since he was also not pulling

      in the over time he was use to getting. I had to sit him down and show

      him on paper that the money just wasn’t there and now we also had

      hospital bills to take care of. Showing him on paper made to have to

      see what the deal was and for him to back off the internet where he was

      stuck all day making what ever purchases he decided to make.

      I’m a big supporter of the envelope system myself. It shows you in

      your face how much you either have or don’t have. When it’s empty your

      spending is done till the next money comes in.

      Also, don’t let him use the guilty trip on you. How many of us are

      really where our dreams were. I would guess not many of us. Dreams

      are fine if they pan out. Sometimes you have to park those dreams and

      hit reality.


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