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      First of all, great for you both working!

      It is very frustrating working full time and still struggling!

      The obvious question ( rolling eyes at me !) is do you have a budget?

      The biggest place to save is your grocery bill.

      Families can eat great for a little bit of money, even if you work.

      If you don’t have a crockpot, get one!

      Go to

      This website has saved me on more than one occasion when I was struggling.

      It has recipes and menus and you can feed a family of four for like, $20 a


      I buy fryer chickens or chicken quarters and I make a big pot of chicken and

      dumplings, the leftovers we have the next day over mashed potatoes, all

      the leftovers including the potatoes, I add vegies to and have stew with


      All of this can be cooked up on your day off and served during the week.

      Also, crockpot dinners can be made up on your day off, wrapped up and then

      dumped in the crockpot while you are at work. You come home dinner is done,

      just add vegies, bread and butter, whatever.

      Chili, spagetti, very cheap and can be eaten for a few days.

      For the electric bill, turn off lights, I do this all the time and it

      makes a big difference.

      Wash in cold water if you have a gas water heater, I do this as well.

      Don’t use the dry cycle in the dishwasher, just open the doors and let them

      air dry.

      Unplug appliances. Check for dripping faucets ( for the water bill)

      Take a candle and check for drafts. If the flame flickers, then tape up

      the draft.

      This helps in summer as well so your air conditioning doesn’t go out.

      Use energy efficient bulbs and encourage the kids to open the curtains

      during daylight hours and not use up electricity.

      If you use a dishwasher, then fill up a big bowl of water if you rinse

      first. Just rinse them with this water instead of running the water the

      whole time.

      Turn the water off while you are brushing your teeth, don’t let it run the

      whole time.

      This is very important for people that pay a water bill.

      Turn down the tempurature on the water heater, just a little.

      All of these have saved me alot of money.

      There are food pantries that don’t go by your income. Especially churches.

      Just call all the churches and ask if they have a food pantry, then ask

      what papers or id etc. you will need.

      Then just go to the ones that don’t ask for income verification.

      Find the day that your store marks down the meat. This meat is not bad!! I

      worked in a meat dept. It just has to be frozen or used by a certain date.

      Go home and cook it or freeze it and you can eat steak!!

      Hope any of this helps!

      Monika 🙂

      >From: Herlean <>



      >Subject: Re: : Feed your child or pay the electric bill?????

      >Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2007 06:36:41 -0700 (PDT)


      >When you are in a situation when everybody (creditor, utility company,

      >etc.) wants $$$$, you have a child to feed & care for, and then your

      >husband gets laid off, even for a little while (a few months), what do you

      >do? Our gross income together or separately puts us above the poverty

      >line, but we certainly are not “rolling in the money”. When we went and

      >asked for help, we are told “your gross income is too high” and turned down



      > The utility company put us on level billing, but did not truly lower the

      >billed amount.


      > I put the care of my child above the creditors and collection agencies.

      >Of course, they disagree. But then again, none of them gives a hoot about

      >my child’s well-being.


      > I do not qualify for WIC. Mainly because (I feel) that I have a husband

      >who works full-time, when the company hasn’t laid him off. Nobody will

      >tell me anything more than the fact that our gross income is too high. I

      >feel like our family is being penalized yet again because we both work

      >full-time. If I were to quit and we moved into the car, we would get help

      >right away. “That poor child.” Since we struggle through and manage most

      >of the time, it’s like the “system” says, “Oh well.”


      > Hints? Tips? Ideas?


      > Thanks!

      > Herlean






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