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      Herlean, Since you seem intelligent and resourceful, I take it the problem is really with income. Could your husband find a second job for a little while until your creditors are paid? This is what my husband did. He worked the second job for about a 14 months and every penny from that second job went to debt reduction. I took care of everything else around the house. It was hard because all he did was work and sleep. But it was worth it to get the debt paid! Also, when your husband gets laid off, can he apply for unemployment benefits? The last thing is that, at the beginning when we were struggling, we sold some of our stuff to pay bills. It’s a drastic step, but for us, it was one we had to take. A girlfriend of mine just had to sell her couch and dining set to pay rent. She just got another job and she is proud that she is doing well, now. Even though she sits on the floor to eat
      dinner! The fact that you struggle through and manage is a credit to you. You should be proud of the fact that you are able to do it, even though it is hard.
      Good luck. Marie
      Herlean wrote: When you are in a situation when everybody (creditor, utility company, etc.) wants $$$$, you have a child to feed & care for, and then your husband gets laid off, even for a little while Since we struggle
      through and manage most of the time, it’s like the “system” says, “Oh well.” Hints? Tips? Ideas? Thanks! Herlean

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