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      I live with my fiancee, who is disabled due to a back

      injury. I work FT outside the home, plus attend

      college FT, and I have a 4 yo son. Steve (fiancee)

      and Jake (son) both help around the house. Steve’s

      mom was a SAHM the entire time he was growing up, and

      it took some time getting him to adjust to men can

      clean too. He did clean for himself before he met me,

      and until we bought our home together, then slipped.

      We just split it down the middle: I cook, he does the

      dishes. I dust the furniture and do the laundry, he

      does the floors (sweeping, mopping, vaccum). I

      usually clean the bathrooms myself, it is hard for him

      to bend down and really scrub the tub and toilet the

      way I like, but he cleans the cieling fans.

      Just talk to your hubby, tell him you need help with

      some things, esp since you’re the primary monetary

      support fo rthe family.





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