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      I feel for you!! My DH (ex-Army) had broken his neck in an auto accident in 2003 and we had to move in with family. He fortunately recovered and was ready for work in about a year, but he decided to make go with a dream to do freelance graphic designers (we both graduated with degrees in graphic design). I was and still do medical transcription…far from my own dream of working as a graphic designer (too many years in transcription with very good pay). So I supported the family until 2006. But thankfully he took over the household (child care – 2 young daughters, cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc). Something I’m thankful he took upon himself. I didn’t have to ask. He knew he was home, had the time and accepted his responsibilities. Although my family saw it another way, that no man should be at home, he should be working 2 jobs if he has to, not working as the “woman”….anyeehow long
      annoying story. By 2006, we both realized we needed to get out my parents home (girls were growing too big to be sharing one room) and his freelance work was far and few between. It seemed to be more like a hobby. Fortunately, by March 2006 he found full-time work with benefits helping create “scratcher” lottery tickets for various states and countries. I know what everyone is thinking….the print the tickets on site and the final printout is a 12 ft roll in size. Very hard to find the winning tickets. Maybe he shouldtry advertising himself to contracting companies or property management type businesses as a freelance carpenter? My neighbor happens to manage about 38 properties and keeps a carpenter on his payroll on a pay per job basis. I’m sure if he can keep a few of these under his belt, he could have a steadier amount
      of work. Another idea which would be in his eyes “lowering” himself, but could help with income isto work with the local wholesale wood or equipment companies, maybe even Lowes or Home Depot. By being a customer service person in those areas (lumbar, tools) maybe he could score some work. My DH & I do that at Barnes & Noble and Borders bookstores. We love to read anyways, but we have found a few jobs just talking to people looking at various graphic design/program books. They either want a website or business card done and thought they would try to do it themselves. We would be able convince them that we can do it for them and they would be more than happy once they had read up on how much work it can be. Good Luck!! Catherine

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