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      hi Jennifer,

      first of all a big HUGGGGG!

      Ok now I am sort of in the same situation as you except for the army

      bit my Husband worked away for two years didn’t save a cent while he

      was gone (he should of at nearly $1800 per week. I supported myself and

      the kids with my part time job and assistance fromt he goverment (I am

      in australia).

      Now since he has been back he agreed to do the housework as he was

      goign to study…well study hasn’t happened, and he has been doing odd

      jobs here and there I work minimum 21 hours a week and I also have been

      studying and and continuing that next month as I signed up for


      I go to the point that I refused to do any dishes, washing or anyting

      till someone in the house got up and helped I was expected to do it all

      while they dd17 and ds9 and dh32 sat on their behinds. It drove me mad

      having a house so messy (not that I have a perfect house) and I got

      cranky too.

      As for the bills I am still wondering how I am managing to pay them off

      as I am at the moment but every single spare cent I have goes into them

      I don’t budget for food I do a big shop once every month or 6 weeks

      when I can afford it (normally have one or more of the debts cleared by

      then!) and I make sure I use what I have on hand when it comes to food.

      I can understand your frustration about your husbands lack of drive and

      going by what the others have said m ayby you should get your husband

      checked out for Depression or PTS.

      I know it seems all hopeless but you can take this suggestion to your

      husband how about he sub contracts with a builder this way he can gain

      knowledge and bring home a pay check but keep his own buisness as well.

      My SIL DH does this he is a builder (has won awards) decided to branch

      out on his own found this wasn’t working so he subcontracts his

      services to other builders and if he gets something of his own to do he

      takes it letting people know that he will do the job once this one is

      completed…it is working well for them pays the huge morgage they have

      each month and the bills..Sister in law works part time as a travel

      agent and she is diong this from home now as she is expecting their

      first child.

      The other way I made things work in my house is decluttering and

      selling off stuff we havn’t used or wanted anymore I have been doing

      this for the past 8 weeks now and have raises around $800 at our local

      markets mayby this is something you can look at.

      Sorry to go for so long


      — In, Jennifer Huff wrote:


      > I haven’t posted in awhile, but have been reading the posts and

      > getting good ideas for saving money. My frustration seems so petty,

      > but it is driving me crazy. I am 36, have a DH and DD6 and DD9. When

      > my husband got out of the regular Army after the Gulf war, he spent



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