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      Liss, I’m not sure if you got my other email, but let me answer this one as best I can:

      Liss wrote: I can completely understand your frustration, but before I can help, could you please offer a little additional info:

         1.  What areas of business is your hubby not so good at?         a. finding the work? He gets some work from referrals, but it isn’t enough. In the past he has paid to advertise in Supercoups, but I kept telling him it was a waste.  I think he should get those magnetic signs that go on his truck. If you have any other suggestions for advertising………..         b. accounting/book-keeping? This is the worst! He doesn’t track stuff into Quickbooks. Does this take long? I know I should do this every night, especially as we sit there at night watching a show or two before going to sleep. I just have to learn the program. The other problem is his computer keeps crashing every other week. So, it is frustrating to keep having to reload everything every time it crashes.          c. He finds the work, but then doesn’t work enough hours? He works alot of hours, I’m just not convinced that he works fast enough. He always thinks a job will be done quicker than he can do it. I try to encourage him to add more time to an estimate, but something always comes up.          d. the contract aspect of the work? He has a good contract now that we have gotten screwed last year(woman hasn’t paid us yet!). And he is right in line with other contractors as we have seen other estimates for the jobs he has bid on and it is right smack dab in the middle!  

        The reason I ask is that MY dh does the same line of work and I am VERY familiar with this business, dealing with vendors, lumber companies, customers, insurances, etc.

        Another thing you mentioned…. you’ve had to take out loans for this. May I ask Why?? Did he need tools?? He has all the tools he needs right now, but we had LOTS of cc debt and AmEx coming after us(among others) so we refinanced our house. I don’t use cc anymore, but he insists that he has to with the business. But, after not paying right away, he ends up spending more on finance charges than he makes!  

        I’ll offer as much help as I can, I actually started when dh quit his job as a mechanic and went to work for himself in Construction/Carpentry. I know exactly what you are going through and If I can help you through it and get to a better place…Thanks so much for any help you can give us! Jennifer



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