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      We use the envelope system for groceries, vehicle gas, entertainment, eating

      out and blowing. That way we can really control the amount of waste that

      goes on. When the envelope is empty we stop spending in that category. You

      can probably do a search on “envelope budget system” and find all kind of


      I stress also when there isn’t enough to pay all the bills, but I’ve found

      as long as I pay them in order there isn’t as much stress. 1) food 2) house

      3)utilities 4) transportation. Then I start with the other bills and pay

      them as far down the list as I can go – then I draw a line
      next month I

      pay the first 4 things and then start where the line was drawn and start

      paying again until I run out of money – then draw another line and start

      over again. I know this is how it has to be until I get get further ahead.

      I’m working on it, slowly but surely I’ll get there.

      I’ve been doing this since January and I wouldn’t go back to my old way at

      all. I know another thing I did was call and talk to your creditors, all of

      ours but 1 was willing to lower the interest for 1 year as long as we made

      regular payments. I have several that went to no interest for the year.

      This has really helped us alot. I know the payments dropped in half and now

      we can make ends meet while we try and get several paid off before the year

      is up. We have until November, then the rates return to what they were.



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      > Or does the envelope

      > system work best when everything is in the envelopes?

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