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      I’m new here but reading your post I have to put my 2 cents in. My

      opinion just by what I’m reading is that dh needs to grow up a little

      and take care of his family. That might sound harsh but I have been

      there and I don’t put up with that. You gals are worried about the

      nagging ruining your marriage?? What? It doesn’t sound like you are

      happy already. Would your husband support you if you decided one day

      that you wanted to become an actress or a super model because it was

      your dream or that’s all you felt you could do? He should have a job

      that has a stable income and a regular paycheck first and work on his

      dream on the side. Only after his “dream job” looks like its up on its

      feet and you have money in the bank should he do it full time. That is

      what most people do. That is what my husband does. Do you have a local

      community college that he could take business classes. They are cheap

      and usually can be taken at night. To run your own successful business

      it takes a lot of blood, sweat and tears and hours too. You have to

      have knowledge of what is going on with every aspect of the business

      or you will surely fail. Instead of sacrificing the family he should

      be getting serious about what he is doing. Sorry if this steps on

      anybodies toes but it really riled me up to read about it. You girls

      shouldn’t take that crap.


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