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      I have a question about all your replys the the envelope system is this something you heard from this Ramsey guy to work or is it something to help save money or have will power over your money or what. I’m sorry I’m confused. We seem to be struggling but paying our bills every week when he gets paid I don’t work for money. We try to pay ourselves first not happening lately but all the bills are paid and we are moving to another place in the mean time. But I wanted to put my 2 cents into your frustration and yes only my opinion. My husband had a time that he didnt work and I did and paid all the bills this lasted a few years. I’m not sure what it is with some men not all but like my husband he had a rough up bringing where his parents put him to work doing child labor and all the money he made they took from him. He had a hard time getting throught that in later life and understanding that most men are the bread winner. But if your not going to work or
      work enough you have to help out with the kids and house and such like moms would do. My husband is a good dad and husband but really trully hates housework. So now that he has a good job and has done it for a while he would rather me be mom and the house and him go to work. I know that doesnt help but maybe if he understands that your not someone to hurt him but support him he could change something about his profession to make it better moneywise or maybe trade off with someone to help part-time to bring in more money and help with the business. Sometimes a money partner would help you financial if you bring someone in that knows something about the business end your husband doesnt. Tell him to talk to others in the trade or spin off of the trade you never know who you might meet. How long has he been doing it too? Sometimes it takes a few years with this economy like it is to get completely off the ground. Maybe he needs more advertisment to bring in more business if
      thats the problem. Just my opinion. Donna

      Donna SAHM and loving it.

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