Fruit Smoothie-how?

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      I make fruit smoothies all the time & love them. Here’s my recipe for one
      Add 1 cup orange juice to blender container. Then add 1 peeled banana,
      broken at least in half, an ice cube or 2, and blend on high till well

      That’s the basic recipe. You can experiment with other juices, for
      example grape or apple, and add any variety of things. I like to add a
      handful of blueberries &/or strawberries (usually I have some frozen ones on
      hand), grapes are good, kiwi, whatever you like and have on hand.

      I also
      like to add 1 or 2 Tbsp. of wheat germ for some extra nutrition, and
      sometimes I add a handful of (uncooked) oatmeal. That thickens it & makes it
      a bit more filling and healthy.

      So experiment and enjoy!

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