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      • Fill a thermos with homemade cappuccino and go parking, to ‘watch the sunset’ of course.
      • Take a long, slow walk together, hand in hand.
      • Have a picnic – at the beach, in a park, on the living room floor…
      • Learn to slow dance, and do it, to the radio!
      • Dress up and go to a free art gallery or museum.
      • Pretend that you’re going to buy a car and test drive the ones you both like. (Take turns)
      • We are a part of a babysitting coop, so we don’t pay for childcare. We often drop the kids off and then spend the date at home, doing a variety of things, and then get them.
      • My dh and I love to go to the bookstore (like Barnes and Noble) and just spend hours browsing–maybe treating ourselves to a cup of coffee. I don’t know how it would be for V-day, but it’s a nice escape on a Saturday afternoon.
      • I haven’t been on a date in awhile but what we do is use the free blockbuster rentals for in home dates. They were part of a promotion that ragu was offering earlier this year. We have 13 more to use before they expire in March.
      • We don’t go out ON Valentine’s Day or get anywhere near a restaurant because they are so crowded and it takes all the fun out of it. We designate our day sometime that week that we will celebrate by going ‘out’ — either to eat or some kind of excursion. I think that would also help with babysitting arrangements so that you’re not trying to go out on the same night your babysitter is! Then on Valentine’s Day, we have our actual celebration at home that includes the entire family — kids and all.
      • Check the Church news section of your local paper for Sweet Heart Dinners sponsored by ministries such as Women Aglow, FGBM, and some larger churches. They are usually nice with candlelight and soft music. Your only cost would probably be to bring a covered dish or dessert. No prob for your OAMCers!
      • Go out to breakfast (cheaper than evening meal).
      • Go to a matinee show (not a movie), if you live near a theater. We live near Myrtle Beach, a Branson, MO, wannabe!
      • Check to see if your employer sells 1/2 price tickets to movies and theaters.
      • Visit a local historical site in your area. Go to a museum (check for free days!) Go to a near by aquarium site. (You know, the large buildings, not a fish tank.) All of these places are usually either free or very reasonable

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      Great ideas! Thanks! Hubbie & I are always looking for inexpensive things to do for “Date Night!”

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Holidays & Special Occasions Valentines Day Frugal Valentine Date Ideas