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      “What is your best Homemade Toy idea (photo’s appreciated) or pet treat recipe… we want details folks on how you pamper your pets frugally!”

      I’m not sure this counts for the challenge, or even if it’s still going on, but my German Shepherds favorite treat (second only to whatever meat we may be having for dinner!) is a couple simple run-of-the-mill ice cubes. I laughed when I saw this challenge name and thought to myself how much more frugal can my dog get then frozen water! 🙂

      Her morning routine is to stand at the cutting board by whoever grabs the ice cube tray from the freezer and dances impatiently until she’s got her cube. She takes it back into her crate, lays down, and savors it. She takes tiny bites off it to make the first one last as long as possible.

      The second cube she usually crunches more quickly in hopes of getting a third.

      I did try to make a toy out of this love affair with ice, I froze a terry shop towel but she sadly didn’t like to play with frozen towels. It seemed if she couldn’t eat it, it wasn’t worth it for her.

      I can’t really provide a recipe for this other then to put water in an ice cube tray and freeze it solid, which is why I’m not sure this qualifies for the challenge, but I think my dog may win the most frugal best-loved treat award.

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Pet Care Frugal toy or treat challenge