Frugal Sunburn Soother

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      We use just plain vinegar on a paper towel and pat it on as soon as you can and
      it takes away the sting. I can remember the smell of vinegar going to bed as a
      little girl and now sleeping with my husband who will never learn his lesson.
      Cindy in al

      sunburn soother

      1 cup white wine vinegar
      5 tablespoon salt
      5 tablespoon plain yogurt
      2 tablespoon aloe gel

      Combine the ingredients and stir briskly until
      smooth and creamy.
      Pour into a pump-type container and store in the
      Shake well before using. Smooth on affected areas
      every hour or so until the burning sensation is
      gone. Or, you can saturate a clean washcloth with
      the solution and gently lay it on the affected

      Makes 8 ounces.

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