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      The good news is that I’m currently running two weeks late on my monthlies with no indications of it in sight. I’ve set up a doctor’s appointment for next week (want to be sure), but I’m pretty sure I know what he’s going to tell me.

      That being the case, do any of you have some tips to help keep pregnancy frugal?

      Thanks in advance!

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      The pregnancy itself is not so expensive except for the clothes. You can buy large sized clothes versus maternity clothing or if you are a sewer you canmake your own very easily. The expense is the doctor and the hospital costs for the pregnancy then all the wonderful items you have to have for the baby.

      I hope you have a smooth pregnancy 🙂

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      Shop at thrift stores and always check out the clearance racks at major stores. Sometimes you can get some really nice items or name brand quality items. Plus it’s that time of the year to check out the rummage sales too. Babies out grow clothes fast, so most baby items are in good shape.

      Congrats, and good luck with everything.

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      I am pregnant with our first “miracle” baby. I have found that Target, Walmart, Old Navy, Kmart,thrift stores are all great for clothing (if you have these stores available to you).Also, other friends who are further along or just had a baby are willing to part with their old clothes.
      I have found Kmart to be great for baby clothes (2.00 for outfits on clearance).
      Good luck!!!

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      When I was pregnant with my son the ONLY place I could find decent maternity clothes at affordable prices was at Kmart. They actually had a really decent selection and I certainly had very little money.

      Aside from clothing there really aren’t any expenses. You don’t have to buy tampons/pads, so you save $10 a month. You can find a midwife and do a homebirth and save thousands on medical bills.

      We had ours at home and the total expense was $850, but we also didn’t have health insurance so that was from our own pocket. We had trained midwives, it was really wonderful, relaxing experience. We didnt have to rush around anywhere, try to make it to a hospital and ride in a car while in labor (which is excrutiating!).

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      This is not actually for your pregnancy but for after the baby is born. Don’t bother buying baby food. Make it yourself in a food processor, magic bullet, or blender.

      The stuff they put in baby food and how expensive it is is ridiculous. With my last child I just took a small portion of what we ate for a meal, added milk or water to it to make it smoother and fed her what we ate. She loved it and was always a good eater.

      Never overweight or had any kind of health issues. She’s now a healthy 12 year old with a keen sense of humor and strong mind. I think doctors and baby product companies really try to cheat people.

      Just ask yourself one question, how did the human race survive before baby food companies (Gerber came out in the 60’s I believe)? Congratulations and good luck with your new baby!

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      The best way to save money on clothes are to buy “Vonna Belly Bands”. It comes in many colors and is worn over open pants and under shirts appearing to be a layered look. Size S-xl.

      xl will fit up to 2x size. EBay has the best prices from $4.05 and up. A budget stretcher!

      Also, online sites for used maternity can save. There is one called Nine Little Months, they have a lot of clothes, but it pays to buy more than one item because base shipping is $6.00.

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