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      I had to share my recent way of scenting my home.

      I don’t have the extra cash to purchase candles (a staple in my home usually) or potpourri that I normally have around and I was going nuts without the wonderful scents throughout the house. I love to enter a home and get hit with a light but wonderful scent.

      So I started thinking (yes, this can be dangerous for me!!! lol) and came up with placing all of our orange peels in a pot of water, some cinnamon and a dash of orange extract in the pan. I get it up to a boil and then drop it down to simmer and let it simmer. The only bad part is that you MUST remember to check it every once in awhile because it will go dry and can be dangerous. I also will put my keys on top of the stove so I never leave without turning it off. If your kitchen is in a location where you will forget about it and not a high traffic area I don’t recommend it, but otherwise it’s been wonderful for me!!!

      I’ve also purchased some strawberry extracts and of course vanilla extract to place in the waters and simmer. I’ve done apple pieces and cinnamon and vanilla, oranges and vanilla extract, strawberry extract and vanilla extract in water… all kinds of different scents.

      Everyone walks into my house now and says how they love it because it always smells so yummy.

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