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      Every year at Christmas, I donate to a children’s charity, usually

      something like the local Santa fund. This year I was feeling

      particularly disheartened, because I have so little extra cash and

      didn’t think I could make a donation. Today I discovered First Book

      (, an organization that distributes new books to

      needy children. I found out that every $2.50 you donate buys one new

      book. And, for the month of December, the publisher Simon & Schuster

      is donating an extra book for every $1 donation that is made. So,

      with my simple $10 donation, 14 kids will receive a new book!

      I was excited to pass this along, because I know many of the people

      in this group are on strict budgets, but also want to support worthy

      causes. This seemed to be a way to impact many children with a very

      modest donation.

      Other than the gift of your time to a charity, I would be interested

      to hear stories from other people about how they have practiced

      Frugal Philanthropy!

      Happy holidays,


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