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      At 12:53 PM 12/5/2007, Suzanne wrote:


      > Today I discovered First Book

      >(, an organization that distributes new books to

      >needy children. I found out that every $2.50 you donate buys one new

      >book. And, for the month of December, the publisher Simon & Schuster

      >is donating an extra book for every $1 donation that is made. So,

      >with my simple $10 donation, 14 kids will receive a new book!

      Suzanne, thanks so much for posting this!

      Every year our family (three kids 17, 14, and 11, plus

      dh & me) adopt a family from the sa tree at the mall and

      spend money out of our christmas budget – which is

      smaller and smaller each year! – to buy the gifts. this is

      money that we would normally spend on each other.

      as it’s gotten harder and harder to stretch our dollars

      to cover a family this way, i’ve searched for other,

      equally satisfying options. i believe your idea is it!

      marvelous post!

      cindy in ks – makin’ those pennies squeal 😉

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