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      To aid you in making the choice to stay home.. ck your libr. section for
      books on frugal living..

      there are usually many many choices.. read all you
      can.. some ideas may seem over the top for your family..

      but pick out those
      that are doable and give it a try..
      And a BIG Plus a libr. has movies for free .. books 🙂 for kids..

      and free
      story time and activities !! Free entertainment.

      Track your spending .. little expenses add up !!
      Find another stay at home mom and find out how she does it.. it may seem that
      everyone else in the entire world has plenty of money ..

      but most don’t .. they
      make do and set priorities 🙂

      I make my own cleaners & laundry soap.. it saves me a trip to the store ..
      saves from buying extras , saves time and gas .. 🙂
      I shop a lot at thrift stores..

      certain ones have better quality clothes then
      others ..and a few have great kitchen things .. shop often and shop around..
      Make one trip a week to shop.. don’t run out for just one thing !!

      I would be happy to eml with you off line if you have any questions 🙂
      I have been home full time for 7 years and part time for a total of 17 years !!
      I have one grown , married dd .. one grandson…. one dd at home !

      Lisa M

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      We have always hung our clothes to dry whether it’s outside or on a drying rack. I put our washer on the spin cycle a few times to get as much water out of the clothes so the clothes dryer faster if I hang them to dry or put them in the dryer. I use a combination of vinegar and dawn to clean our bathrooms, (if you have asthma you might want to wear a face mask so the smell won’t aggravate it.) I do use some chemical cleaners in our home but I try to use as many natural cleaners as possible.

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Frugal Savings Frugal Living – Staying at Home